Access Control System Melbourne


  • Water-proof Fingerprint Standalone Controller

  • Support 30,000 valid cards & 150,000 records
  • Upport multiple cards(default IC card)
  • Support card, password , fingerprint and combination
  • Wiegand or RS-485 interface to reader
  • Software attendance
  • Touch keyboard and LCD display
Access Control System Melbourne


  • Wiegand26/34 bits RS-485 protocol
  • Surface mounted installation
  • Beep Buzzer and LED indicator
  • Watch dog function ensure device free from halting
  • Red and Green LEDs
  • 56MHz(Mifare)
Access Control System Melbourne


  • RFID Standalone Controller

  • Touch keyboard and LCD display
  • Support 30,000 valid cards & 150,000 records
  • Support multiple cards(default IC card)
  • All-metal buttons with blue backlight
  • Support card, password and combination
  • Wiegand or RS-485 interface to reader
  • TCP/IP to PC


  • Support 100,000 valid cards & 150,000 records

  • Support multiple cards
  • Support card, password, fingerprint and combination
  • TCP/IP interface to PC
  • Wiegand or RS-485 interface to readers(2 door)
  • Anti-pass back, multi-door interlock, multi-card open
  • Support 128 efficient time and holiday schedules

Access Control system Melbourne gives you comfort and peace of mind by controlling the access of people to your home, business vicinities and commercial sites.

Do you want to manage and control the entrance of certain people into your premises? Do you want to bar the unauthorized people from making an intrusion into your home, building or business premises?

With the help of the access control system Melbourne, you can easily manage, monitor and control the access of specific people. You can manage, however, all this authorization yourself with the help of an efficient and quick entrance management system.

Access Control System Melbourne

For the safety and security of the premises, it’s indispensable to consider and allow only the authorized people at your facilities. With the installation of this network, the frequency of disturbances and illegal intrusions can be reduced to a greater extent.

Not only the unauthorized access can be denied to a person, but you can also deny access to your premises to an authorized person on a particular day and time.

The swipe card access control system makes it easy for you and the people who you’ve provided this card to get access to your premises.

This system can be used for multi-purposes. Access control system for homes makes your family, pets, and elders safe and secure even in your absence. You can protect them from any danger simply by installing and managing the access control system for doors, access control systems for gates, and access control systems for glass doors.

Besides, you can install this apparatus for the safety of your business, staff and clients. It will greatly enhance the credibility of your business. Access control system for small businesses and access control systems for office will greatly make the environment safe and sound. Everyone is confident about the security at the workplace. So, they can carry out their tasks without any fear or anxiety of theft or vandalism.

This system isn’t rocket science and you can easily manage the profiles of people in your computer, laptop, android or iPhone. You can store the data into your personal computer or cloud storage. Moreover, you just need an app and an internet connection to manage this procedure.

But what if you don’t have the internet right away and you want to forbid a person from entering into your building?

No need to get nervous and you can use the Bluetooth on your mobile. Doesn’t the access control system Melbourne take care of all the requirements of its customers? Well, security is the first concern of this system and it takes into account all probable security situations that a client can counter.

CCTV & Alarm  supplies you all high-quality products used in the access control system. A web-based access control system, mobile-based access control system and IOT-based access control system allows you to manage and control the access to your facilities. It depends, however, upon the requirements and goals of the security of our client about which system best meets their concerns.

Moreover, you can select from the strictest form of security to a moderate form of security. The mechanism of this system depends on what fits your requirements and priorities. You can install a Mandatory access control system, discretionary access control system, role-based access control system or the rule-based access control system.

The professional team at CCTV & alarm will guide you about the access control system installation and management of access control systems at your home, business or commercial sites.

Moreover, we offer different access control system types. We provide both wired access control system  and wireless access control systems along with an Ethernet access control system. All this security management setup is supported by the advanced Bosch access control system that ensures that you’re able to take immediate action before its too late by getting alerts by this setup instantly as soon as there’s a danger or threat. Besides, Bosch access control system software helps you in managing the profiles and in getting the alerts about the security of your home or business premises.

To provide top-notch security and the high-quality technology to our valued clients is the nobel mission of CCTV & Alarm at Melbourne. You can reach us at 043 487 9457 to hire our professional and dedicated staff. With us, you can feel safer!