CCTV Camera in Melbourne

CCTV & Alarm  is the pick of the bunch agency for installing CCTV Camera in Melbourne. The leading security companies in Melbourne is highly committed to make a business secure and protected. Besides safety, the installation of Security cameras for business ensures the smooth running of business activities. Moreover, the professional security setup helps in monitoring of activities at business premises.

The installation of high-quality Cameras supports the observance of business goings-on and certify to keep track of activities carried out at business sites. To observe and track activities at business premises, however, never was so easy and within reach before with CCTV Cameras and efficient management of this set-up.

Thus, we provide high-quality surveillance and are committed to resolve in the security set-up at business sites. For this, we’re highly dedicated to the proper and professional setup at business places.  Defect-free and easy-to-manage installation of CCTV cameras for business is the top priority of our agency that differentiates it from all other security agencies in Melbourne.

Types of CCTV Cameras

Whenever it comes to purchase a camera that has all the features you want and is purchasable by the amount you’ve allocated for it, then you don’t need to worry about it. Here, we’ll guide you through this article about the best and affordable surveillance cameras.

Her, we’ll guide you on what features are worth taking into account while purchasing a camera.

When it comes to establishing a security system at a place, the first problem is the type of CCTV camera in Melbourne used for producing brighter and clear images. Not only is that the quality and type of lens in cameras is also worth considering at the same time.

After the resolution, the nest thing is the angle of the camera. It must be more than 110 degrees to 180.

The storage of the data is also crucial. Analog camera stores data on a DVR. You can connect it to a monitor and watch it.

IP cams have built-in storage that is connected to your mobile device. Even if your camera is stolen, you can still watch the recording on your mobile or cloud storage. IP cams useful only if you’re not monitoring all the time. Analog cameras are mostly used when you’re monitoring all the time and a person is watching in a room with a monitor.

Analog cameras are available at cheaper rates than IP cameras.

Power backup is a very essential feature of any security system. DVR provides power to cameras. IP cameras provide a battery and an adapter.

Now, let’s talk about the cameras that provide all or some of these features.

There are three camera types that our security agency supports and installs for efficient management at business premises.

Dahua CCTV Installation

Dahua CCTV camera is the top priority for most of the business surveillance activities in the world.  These cameras are high in demand in Melbourne too.

  1. High resolution

It’s a Chinese-based product that produces high-quality images at day and night. With high Performing sensors, these cameras can produce images both in dim light and at night as well. This camera has high low-light sensitivity. These cameras have high compensation for low lights and produce 50m night vision.

These cameras are available in different resolutions with 2MP, 4MP, 6MP, and 8MP or 4K.

  1. Built-in mic

The built-in mic makes it more efficient for running business activities smoothly. You can hear any suspicious discussion can enable you to prevent any burglar activity.

  1. Storage

The security set up with these cameras provide 2TB surveillance hard disk drive that store data for 24 days. CCTV & Alarm for installing CCTV Camera in Melbourne offers different packages with the installation of Dahua CCTV cameras.

  1. Detect a number plate

Dahua has an additional and most exciting feature of detecting a moving car plate number with a speed no more than 40km/h.

  1. Weatherproof and vandal resistant

Dahua cameras are weather resistant and can be placed at humid places. Moreover, they can be installed at outdoor places without the fear of damaging or vandalizing it.

These cameras are best for surveillance at parking lot and access control environments.

So, CCTV & Alarm is the leading service provider for establishing a security system with Dahua Security camera in Melbourne.

HikVision CCTV Installation

1.     High resolution

These cameras are also available in 2MP, 4MP, 6MP 8MP(4K) resolutions.

These cameras adapt automatically to lighting conditions. Hik Vision camera has high Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology that ensures that the image quality compensation is possible in every lighting condition.

  1. Storage and accessibility

Network Video Recorder (NVR) provides a network for recording videos, producing high-quality images, up to ultra-high-definition 4K. Moreover, data security is ensured by storing data on multiple devices at the same time. In case, one drive fails, it is safe on another device. It can allow up to 4 security cameras connected to a network. It builds a security system with 1TB Surveillance having12 day’s storage time with 4 cameras.

HikVision cameras can be accessed easily on iPhone, internet and android.

  1. Motorized lens

An interesting feature of surveillance with this camera is the use of the motorized lens. These lenses make it easier to zoom in and zoom out the image with 2.8 to 12 motorized lenses. So, you don’t need to adjust the focus manually, you can adjust it remotely.

  1. Hikvision designs

You can pick up bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and a number of PTZ options. The most crucial attributes of these distinct cameras produce images with high resolution up to 12 MR. Hikvision cameras are available in a variety of styles both for indoor and outdoor surveillance. dome-style and Both have the same qualities and can be fixed in wall or ceiling.

  1. Wider area coverage

You can get a wider image with only one camera having 180 panoramic viewing. Smart analytics is the most key feature as it has made it easy to identify suspicious activities with artificial intelligence. With the advance technology of H.264+ compression, you can get high resolution images or videos even by using half of storage space.

  1. Dark fighter Network and PTZ cameras

Hikvision cameras are simply designed and easy to adjust. Dark fighter network and PTZ cameras make it easy to produce clear images at night.

  1. Weatherproof   

    These cameras are weatherproof and can show images up to 30m at night.

cctv camera in Melbourne

Tiandy CCTV installation

1.     High resolution

Tiandy CCTV Camera is also a leading supplier of  Cameras. They are available in four types of resolutions like 2MP, 4MP, 6MP and 8MP. But resolution is not the only thing worth considering when it comes to surveillance of business activities. Besides, the light sensitivity of the camera makes a big difference while choosing a quality camera.

  1. High light sensitivity

It is the one that provides both high resolution and high light sensitivity. This can produce quality images and adjusts in every light condition. It  have a high rating among customers for working in the low-light.

  1. Colored night vision and star lite technology

Moreover, Tiandy cameras have the additional benefit of producing colored visions at night with 50m night vision.

  1. Built-in mic and storage

Moreover, CCTV camera in Melbourne supports a built-in mic. Therefore, you can easily listen everyone at the place. Additionally, these cameras are available both in analog and IP cameras. IP cameras have a built-in storage feature.

The CCTV & Alarm offers a setup with Tiandy cameras can support 24 day’s (2TB) data storage on hard disk drives.

  1. Wider field view

Tiandy cameras support 2.7~13.5mm focal length with fixed Iris. So, varifocal lens with 2.8mm (78-degree field view) focal length is wide enough for capturing a quality image. The lower the number, the higher the field view and wider lens it supports.

  1. 360 degrees rotation

It can capture videos, however, even with 360 degrees angle.  This feature is beneficial if you want a panoramic view with a 360 degrees angle view. The panoramic view saves you a lot of money and space. Certainly, you have to install only one camera and can view the whole place.