IP Intercom Melbourne is a very useful element in all types of installations, be it housing, offices, shops, factories, industrial buildings, hotels, parking lots or even shopping centers. All these infrastructures require a quality communication system, which is secure, in order to be able to control its security as well as to process communications.

Security intercom system, thanks to IP technology, allows the user to benefit from many functions, beyond the simple opening of doors and barriers, such as:

Maximum safety after Installing IP Intercom system in Melbourne

IP intercoms not only make it possible to know who wants to access the installations, the main function but also to be able to answer calls and have access to security cameras. This is done from the same monitor installed in the building.

In addition, the door stations allow the incorporation of access control systems using codes, keys or fingerprint readers. This has the effect of increasing the general safety of the installations.

Remote assistance and call diversion

Thanks to the IP Intercom Melbourne, intercoms can open doors and barriers, provide assistance, answer calls and access surveillance cameras remotely, and from any smart device. This is very useful, in particular, for hotels, car parks, petrol stations, or any unassisted installation, which saves personnel costs.

Guinan’s IP products also allow call diversions to be carried out according to a previously defined time slot. In addition, thanks to the functionality of the “double transmission”, the video and the call work independently: the user has the possibility of recording what films the plate and transferring it to any device.

SSP Australia: the best range of IP products

The range of IP products from Guinaz, produced in our factory, makes it possible to incorporate all these functionalities. With more than 20 years of experience, our products are not only of quality, thanks to careful design, but they are also functional.