Security alarm system melbourne

If you’re looking for reliable and professional home and commercial security alarm system installation services, then CCTV & Alarm is the best choice in Melbourne. This leading security agency is equipped with all the necessary skills and cutting-edge tools to fix all of your security issues. If you’ve hired the team from this top security agency in Melbourne, you don’t need to worry about your security and safety anymore. You can hire a professional team for installing the system amid the pandemic of Covid-19

Safety is the top priority of this agency. So, if you want to know further about what this agency offers you for the security alarm system Melbourne that is well-suited to your needs and budgets, then you’ve come on the perfect place.

Home security alarm system Melbourne

To feel secure at home was never easy before as it is now. After the installation of the security alarm system at your home; you can easily monitor the interior and exterior of your home just on your mobile phone and can easily detect any danger or threat. With this system, the installation of motion sensors at doors, windows, interiors, and exteriors alarm you whenever a suspicious or dangerous activity takes place. We provide the best packages for home security alarm systems in Melbourne.

Security alarm system for offices

The security alarm system for business is very critical for the security of the offices. It requires the surveillance of all activities if you’re observing them from a remote place. For this purpose, the system can assist you in detecting a door or window break. Moreover, It can warn you about any other dubious activity taking place at your business or commercial property. We offer you the real-time alarm system with active surveillance and upgraded products.

We’ll guide you in this post why the majority of the customers in Melbourne, however,  rely on the Supreme CCTV & Alarm agency for making their houses and business safe and secure.

Security alarm system melbourne

Security Alarm System Customized Packages

First thing first! Our security company offers you a number of packages that will meet your customized needs.

So, here are three packages that start with the lowest rates in Melbourne. Yes! It’s right that our basic package has the lowest rates for the security alarm systems.

Are you getting excited to know more about these packages?

Well, let’s have a look at these packages.

Packages/offers Alarm Panel

(8 Zones)


 Movement Detectors External Sirens Power Pack & Battery back up ETHERNET MODULE-ARM
B3 1 3 1 1
B4 1 4 1 1
B5 1 5 1 1
B6 1 6 1 1
E3 1 3 1 1 1
E4 1 4 1 1 1
E5 1 5 1 1 1
E6 1 6 1 1 1
    Wired Wireless      
W5 1 1 4 1 1
W6 1 1 5 1 1

To clarify, our packages consist of a basic set of offers that vary according to the number of movement detectors. Moreover, each of three packages provides you with Alarm Panel (8 zones), External Sirens and Powerpack & Battery backup.

Obviously, the number of Movement detectors in each package makes a difference. In this regard, the basic package offers you detectors ranging from 3 to 6 detectors. On the other hand, the Ethernet Security Alarm system offers you movement detectors from 3 to 6. Furthermore, Wireless Alarm system provide you both wired and wireless movement detectors.

Above all, Ethernet Security Alarm System comes with an Ethernet Module arm that allows the system to complete each task individually.

Cost-effective packages:

After you’ve chosen the right package that best meets your needs, it’s time to see if it comes within your budget limits. For that, CCTV & Alarm won’t let you get upset as it offers you the best service at reasonable and affordable costs. Therefore, it provides you hardware and wireless security alarm systems that adapt to the requirements for all kinds of budgets.

Not only that, each package offers you some additional benefits. Besides, it gives you a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Above all, If you want to have an active landline with two phones, then you can get it for minimal additional fee.

Use of high-quality products

Certainly, we supply and install upgraded products that ensure quality service-deliverance. The use of the Hikvision security alarm system Melbourne, Bosch Alarm system and Dahua Security Alarm systems gives you a real-time experience of surveillance.

After reading this, it’s an easy-peasy task for you to pick a package. A package that meets your requirements and is within your income constraints.

Besides the precise and affordable packages for the valued customers, CCTV & Alarm is reliable and trusted agency that promises you a safe surrounding around your home and business premises.

security alarm system melbourne

Hikvision security alarm system

This system is, however,  quite user friendly and can be used by the person who isn’t well-versed in the use of technology. All you’ve to do is install an app on your phone or tablet. After that,  you can start observing all the activities with only one click.  This camera is best-loved by the majority of the customers in Melbourne.

Bosch Security Alarm system

On the other hand, this system offers more than just the detection of suspicious movements. It is equipped with a built-in mic that will assist you in hearing the persons and suspicious sounds at places. Moreover, it can produce high-quality and colored images even at night.

Certainly, we’re always at the forefront to provide security to the homeowners even in the hype of the coronavirus. For this, our trained staff strictly follows the SOPs developed in the context of Covid-19

So, if you’ve decided which package of security alarm system meets your needs and come up with your budget, hurry up and call us at 0497 777 786 to book an appointment with our professional team that will guide you about the installation packages. It will also guide you about how to monitor the alarm systems.

Security alarm system
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To feel secure at home was never easy before as its now. Hire our security alarm system installation service and save your home in Melbourne