Why should you hire security installation service in Melbourne?

The security installation service in Melbourne is in higher demand these days. Do you know why?

There’s a 2.5 % increase in crime rate in Melbourne this year?

So, the real question for you is how can you protect yourself and your family from a burglar?

As a result, the surveillance technologies play a massive role in the fight against criminals. Security technology is helping police to find thieves and maintain peace in the city of  Melbourne. Moreover, it helps to free you from mental tension when are you away from home.

These services make sure that your house environments are safe and secure for everyone.

Which security installation service in Melbourne is suitable for your needs?

There are a number of  security installation service in Melbourne and techniques out there, so where do you get the best services? Where do you want to focus and observe what’s happening at a particular time and at a specific place?

Security companies Melbourne are using 10+ methods to secure your home and business premises. These methods consist of  installation of  security cameras, security alarm system, access control system, and placement of security guards in Melbourne. Now, it’s a question for you, how can you know which one of these is suitable to your needs and requirements?.

Well, the fact is that you won’t never be able to buy all these security services once in all.


For this, we’re going to tell you about everything that these security installation services offer you. Moreover, this post explains the reason of their popularity and priority among our clients for their excellence and reliability against the crimes and criminals in Melbourne .

security installation services Melbourne

CCTV Camera installation in Melbourne

CCTV camera plays a critical role in your security management that allows the use of video cameras to observe activities around the property. Therefore, we’re going to discuss a reliable CCTV camera Melbourne service that plays a critical role against criminals and burglars in Melbourne. For this purpose, our CCTV installation service in Melbourne provide you the best and economical packages.

CCTV & Alarm Package 

This Package Includes.

  • 4×2 MP IR Tiandy IP outdoor metal dome cameras
  • Colored night Vision
  • 1×4 Channel Tiandy NVR
  • 1x 2TB Surveillance hard disk drive
  • 1x Mouse
  • Remote viewing iPhone, Internet, Android phone
  • Weatherproof and does up to 50m night vision
  • Built-in Mic (Audio Cameras)

This basic package offers you four cameras of 2MP Tiandy IP outddor metal dome cameras. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof and will be free of any technical problem due to fast blown winds and heavy rains.

Moreover, the Tiandy IP  cameras use infrared lights to provide you a crystal clear night image covering an area of 50 meters. Additionally, these cameras provide you colored night vision.

So, if your priority is the surveillance at night at your home or at your commercial place, this package is best your requirements.

Security Alarm System Melbourne

The security alarm system is being used widely to deter criminal activities in Melbourne. It alerts you as soon as there’s a suspicious activity of criminals in Melbourne. So, it provides you an opportunity to take immediate steps to avoid any serious situation or threat and save your home and business. The security alarm system has many advantages for you. It’s an opportunity for you to install a security alarm system to secure your office and home as soon as possible.

CCTV & Alarm suggests you the best security alarm package for you.

  • 1 x Bosch Solution 3000 (8 Zone) Alarm Panel with Tamper Switch
  • 3 x Bosch Blue line Hard Gen 2 Wired movement detectors (PIRs)
  • 1 x internal siren (piezo)
  • 1 x power pack & backup battery
  • 1x LCD Icon Keypadhttps
  • Cables and Connectors
  • 4 x warning stickers for your home
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • Rings up to 2 Phones if your alarm gets triggered for additional $100 requires an active landline

We offer you the best alarm security system with the latest technology of Bosche Solution 3000 Alarm Panel. Additionally, this package has a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. That’s a really a bonus on this basic package.

IP Intercom Melbourne

This service provides an opportunity for you to check before the gate is opened. In IP intercom Melbourne, you also check videos without opening the door.

You only have to select the right security company for the installation, which provides the best installation package.

Our offered package is given below:

The package includes: 

  • HD CMOS Camera
  • 7-Inch capacitive touch screen
  • IPC Surveillance
  • Micro SD Card 32 GB
  • Record & Snapshot
  • Remote intercom with mobile APP
  • Monitor Black

This basic package of IP intercom Melbourne will provide the best CCTV installation Melbourne service at cheaper cost when compare to other security services for you and your family, business and property’s safety. These are the foolproof methods to ensure the  security and prevention against any kind of crime. 

Hire our best security installation services in Melbourne and contact us at:

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